Geospatial Innovation and Service Awards

    Nomination Schedule

    2/17/2020 Award Nominations Open for Submissions 
    3/31/2020 Nominations Close
    4/10/2020 Recipients Notified
    5/8/2020 Awards Presented


    NEOGEO is pleased to open applications for the 2020 Geospatial Innovation and Service Awards. The nomination can highlight overall achievements or focus on a specific project. This award will recognize individuals or groups that used innovative GIS solutions to improve the community they serve.

    The awards will be presented to individuals or groups in three categories:

    • Government/Non-Profit can be submitted here
    • Private Industry can be submitted here
    • Students can be submitted here


    Nominations must exhibit achievement in least one of the following criteria:

    • New or creative ideas, techniques, or technology.
    • Improvements to workflow, time, or cost savings.
    • Positive impact on a local community or the GIS community.
    • Collaboration and development of partnerships.
    • Advancement of GIS education and awareness.
    • Public or stakeholder engagement.